Cs go grenade slots

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cs go grenade slots

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Allgemeine Diskussionen > Themendetails Lets say I want HE Grenade Slot 4 Molotov/Incen: SLot 7. When buying grenades using these colors, they will be colored on the hud: High I've also added in a jump throw: When on slot 4, jumping will release attack. Hey guys, i've satarted playing cs: go today, and i have a problem " KP_MULTIPLY" "buy molotov; buy incgrenade " bind "KP_MINUS" "buy decoy" They're called slots on CS: GO, like flash is slot7, smoke is slot6, HE is slot8. I also need to stop reading the forums when I'm half asleep. It's no big deal, just a little thing. So pretty easy to remember. In the video you posted it wasn't a full left click throw. Originally Posted by The1Speck. His videos have helpful information, but he adds so much fluff that they become unwatchable. LIVE PENTA Spirit ESEA Season cs go grenade slots I buy primary weapons with mouse5 but mouse4 is bound to equip menu and I can usually get bought out what do afk mean all nades, primary, and armor in 1 sec. Pros also play on tick servers, I don't know if that matters? If you're interested in fast throwing of 2 FB: G2 [Cache] - Swiss Roun Mouse wheel for jumping. You can also bind q to "slot2;slot1" for a similar effect, but this one allows you to switch between primary and secondary with the same key, where as the other does not.

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CSGO - How to bring out your weapons on any hand you'd like - CSGO Tutorial Spray Generator by SprayTool. For the time being I've bound mouse5 back to "buy m4a1; buy ak47" and mouse4 to "buy vesthelm" and f to "buy flashbang". I've also seen lots of pro players doing this grenade trick. Here's the Top 10 plays from ESL One Cologne according to the God-O-Meter. But I've seen streamers throw grenades instantly after switching, and not have to wait for the animation. I dont see any difference by binding the knife before the nade. Send a private message to usla. Maybe you can find it. I use 4rfv for the important nades, I could imagine having to take my fingers off too many movement keys to hit the ones you listed. You can just bind to use the knife first then use the nade and it will be instant. F and R are flash and grenade respectively. Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page. Discussions Apps Articles Blogs Chatrooms Clubs Events Generators Ideas Initiatives Members News Polls Reviews Status Updates Threads Wikis Wares. What bothers me is that throwing a nade returns you to your primary weapon afterward, so there's no way to return directly to my sidearm after nading. Leftover habit from my COD days, but I find the quick switch while awping is extremely simple and fast with this setup. But good job on looking like a total fuckwit. Only problem is it pulls your knife out if you don't have the nade in your inventory when you try to equip it.


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